Hi there! I'm Olivia Marsh, and I'm a video editor, producer, and direction. I'm also a content manager. 

I know how to...

  • Tell compelling stories.
  • Capture a brand's voice.
  • Use analytics to create successful content strategies.  

I also know how to...

  • Manage thousands of pieces of content and projects at a time. 
  • Deliver video and graphic assets to every major platform's specifications. 
  • Organize a crew, a budget, and assets to get a compelling story told. 

and I even know how to...

  • turn your ideas and doodles into content worth sharing.
  • design packaging, social media assets, sales decks, and other graphic marketing materials. 

Work with me next time you need content for your brand, portfolio, project or business. 

I'm also write non-fiction, academic essays and books. I write screenplays. I'm a vegetarian. Call me 'Via' if you're so inclined. I'm from the middle of no where, have lived in quite a few somewheres, and go where the wifi takes me.

Say hello to me at: vmarsh23@gmail.com